The Story.

Our story begins in 2014. Driven by passion, Devil’s Distillery was born to produce amazing single malt Tasmanian whisky, Hobart Whisky.

Maturation of Tasmanian whisky takes some time and passion project or not, it’s important with any startup to understand the current market, as well as predict future changes and trends. Before operation we identified the rapid (and warranted) growth of Tasmanian Gin. While an accessible introductory product for Devil’s Distillery, as non gin drinkers, it meant compromising on the very essence of our vision, passion.

At this point, we recognised that our real focus would be on distillation using our copper pot still and it was natural to begin our journey with a sister company, Tasmanian Moonshine Company.

This is our playground to produce quality Tasmanian spirits without adhering to traditional or market practices. We are producing what we want, how we want, and to our tastes.

One and a half years into production we have six products, have been awarded multiple gold medals at international spirits competitions and have been awarded double gold, or best of category for our three flagship products.

We welcome you to our Tasmanian Moonshine family.

The Distillation.

Every single Tasmanian Moonshine product starts as Tasmanian Malted Barley at Devil’s Distillery. The barley seed in each batch is freshly milled in our distillery, then brewed and fermented to meet our exact requirements.

Following fermentation, each wash is distilled at least once in our copper pot still, our vodka is then distilled twice more in a smaller reflux column still whereas our single malt is distilled again in our pot still.

While there are many options for producing vodka, it was back in 2017 that we discovered our love for grain vodka. We produce our vodka using the exact same barley that we use in our single malt whisky. Our vodka has been award a double gold in international competition as well as gold in the World Vodka Awards.

We use either our own grain vodka or Tasmanian Malt as a base in all of our liqueurs, complemented with Tasmanian ingredients wherever possible. We want to ensure our products are representing the best that Tasmanian has to offer.

We seek to make our spirits and liqueurs smooth and full of flavour, so that they bear testimony to Tasmania’s natural beauty, pure water, air and produce.

The Sale.

Our products are available at great bars, restaurants and retailers around Australia.

With no cellar door of our own, we rely heavily and are forever grateful for the support of every single one of our stockists. Find one near you here.

You can also purchase direct from the distillery online with shipping available Australia wide.

Are you looking to range our products? Please contact us here.